Nos Magazine

–Nos Magazine is a student project where we were tasked with conceptualizing, designing and producing a magazine. We paired the physical magazine with a digital eMag. 

–my love for surfing and it's cultured led to the manifestation of Nos Magazine, a monthly publication that highlights specific surfing cultures world-wide, spending the entirety of each issue covering local surfers, shapers, surf spots and culture related topics. The idea is that surfing is often thought by most surfers and non-surfers to be exclusively Hawaii, Australia. California, and Brazil, which couldn't be further from the truth. Being from a small surf town in NC, I was often met with utter suprise when I mentioned surfing and NC in the same sentence. Nos Magazine (Nosotros=We in spanish) is a step in uniting all surf cultures and enlightening the global community as a whole. 


Deliverables: Logo + Magazine (printed and bound) + Digital Magazine